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Young Arrows | British Arrows Award

Film music


"The god of cats is immortal", directed by Riccardo Copreni. Short-movie / Music composer

"A short film by Millie Bobby Brown" | Samsung. Music composer



Instrumental music


"51° N | 0° W" for chamber orchestra

“Glimpses” for string quartet

“Reflections” for flute, bass clarinet, piano, violin and cello

“Reconstruction” for viola solo. Performed by Benedict Taylor

Film music


“Party Drifters”, directed by Nathan Bates. Short-movie / Music composer


Instrumental music


"You will know yourself" for trumpet, harp, double bass, marimba and vibraphone

“Earthquake” for soprano, harp, double bass and clarinet

“Polytrees” for string quartet 

“From Friul” for theremin and large ensemble

Film music


“Wander on Earth”, by Sofia Provesi. Fashion film/ Music composer


Instrumental music


“Harsh Waves” for alto flute solo. Commissioned and performed by Carla Rees

Film music

“Et in arcadia ego”, directed by Stefano Giacomuzzi. Documentary / Music composer

“The Last Crossroad”, directed by Paolo Lobbia. Short-movie / Music composer

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